Back in 2002 my old friend Peter and his wife Pat  invited me over to Winnipeg to do the grand tour of the Rockies with them. As I was single again it seemed a good time to go.

They then decided to ask Pat's sister to join us to make up  the foursome and give Pat someone to talk with.  With some reluctance she decided to come as she was told "it's only David".

So it was that I spend a few weeks traveling around Canada with this American lady who was very different from ladies I knew before.

When I returned to England a long distance conversation and courtship continued via emails and long telephone calls to the point where we were discussing who would move to where.  Eventually we decided that I should emigrate to the US which I did in 2003.

All my worldly goods were packed into a container including Custard my English sportscar. The container beat me to Springfield by a couple of days.

We were married on November 7th 2003 and live in a 1950s ranch style house in the Village of Jerome . Jerome is a Village which is surrounded by but separate from the City of Springfield.

I had to endure quite a few “give my regards to the Simpsons” remarks before I came over but I think the loss to the Vermont Springfield in the “Which Springfield?” competition that accompanied the Simpson movie has settled the question A narrow escape in my view.

On 17th April 2010 a new member of the family joined us...introducing Beau Chilton known to his friends as BoBo (when he is behaving and %^&*!! when he is not!) He is a bit of a mixture being a Lhasa Apso/Poodle mix.

On October 2013 Bobo was joined by another friend, Gizmo. Gizmo Buddy Pettyjohn to give him his full name is a 7 year old pure Lhasa Apso.

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