The JC Midge is a kit car (or rather a "plan and pattern" car) designed by John Cowperthwaite. Like the Locust the body is made of aluminum skinned plywood or MDF and using a grille from a Wolseley 1500 (but many other has been used). The design is clearly inspired of British 1930s cars like the MG J2 Midget Originally it was essentially a re body of the Triumph Herald, Vitesse or Spitfire.

So, the Turner was complete, the MGB was running well and I had a spare Triumph Herald. My son was never going to do anything with it and they were fairly common. All ripe for conversion. I owned a nice large centrally heated garage...bliss!! and had the space.

An advert in the local paper alerted me to the Springfield Uketopians. A ukulele group which meet in a local cafe.

I had played the ukulele at school but then moved onto the guitar. So having decided to try again I needed a ukulele. The School one was now some 60 years old and too fragile for daily use.  This is the result.  After a few tries I found the chords confusing. Whilst they are the same shape as guitar chords they have different names (different tuning). The guitar chord of G is C on the ukulele. One way out of this was to get a baritone ukulele. These are tuned the same as the top four strings of a guitar. So Ebay once again produced a result. Cheap this time because the electrics did not work. (Pickup unglued and a dry joint)

However, I know think that was the coward’s way out and I’m back with a standard tuning ukulele. The new one is a Lanikai Koa, concert size. This time though it has a wider nut than normal which will help in the chords. It was cheap because the nut, saddle and machine heads were missing, but I did get a gig bag and clip on tuner! It will be a nice winter project.

I ordered a set of plans which consisted of a pile of paper patterns for the various body panels. The compound curves such as the double hump on the scuttle were dealt with by fiberglass items. I decided that mine would have boat tail not unlike the first MG midget rather than the slab tank.

I scoured the Car Boot sales for items such as side lights, grills and dashboard parts and in the end had a large box full of bits. When I emigrated to the States this box came with me. Some parts were consequently sold on Ebay and others I still have for use I know not where.

The pile of larger parts went with the Herald along with the plans when I sold it to clear the garage prior to house sale.