My old friend Peter has a series of this cars. Hence my acquaintance is riding around with him in them.

They were a small, very basic mode of transport created for the motorcyclist who wanted to carry the family around in something a bit better than the motorbike and sidecar. In order to allow them to do this on their motorbike license the Bond had no reverse gear. Not that mattered too much as it was very light and because of the way the engine and front wheel was mounted it could turn around in it’s own length.

Their legacy was a series of 3 wheeler cars under the names of Bond and Reliant. Reliant made some 4 wheelers including the Sabre, Kitten and the really rather nice Reliant Scimitar. They were also responsible for the orange oddity known as the Reliant Bug.

This was a derilict parked in the grass in the front garden of the house where Peter was living at the time. These are desirable cars today, then not so much. I remember the Riley engine and the endless cable braking system.

I seem to remember that at one tine it was mine but as ususal I had nowhere to put it or cash to do anything with it. I had no idea what became of it in the end.